Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Josh Small - Brainvan

Trying to find out more about Josh Small tonight. This song is pretty cool. And this post over at ninebullets has a great tune that you can listen to.


Luke said...

Awesome! You are entering a sphere of musicians that I really get into. I was going to point out that Josh Small often backs Tim Barry. Then I saw that Tim was on the video that you linked. You gots to check out Tim Barry. Tim keeps it real.

Prosser's Gabriel

Thing of the Past (Josh Small is featured well here as well as another Suburban Home favorite, Austin Lucas)

wilablog said...

Cool - thanks for the additional stuff to check out. I seem to be drifting towards this type of music these days, not sure what genre people claim it to be.

Autopsy IV said...

If you're starting to drift into that vein of music then keep reading ninebullets.

Luke said...

I'm with you, Autopsy IV. Ninebullets has become my go to music blog lately.

Luke said...

Can't resist one more recommendation. Do you know any of Cory Branan's music?

Cory Branan - Prettiest Waitress in Memphis