Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am a horse. You are an antelope.

We spent the evening last night at the Denver Art Museum for a wedding for two of our good friends. Congrats Liv and Chris! The ceremony and reception were at the Denver Art Museum, which is a beautiful building with some amazing art. My wife and I connected with a couple of pieces in particular.


SINEDDIE said...

looks like fun...
i hear these phrases in my
mind w/ the two pix.

will's pix
"i see you!!"

carlee's pix
"i see you, no you don't"

mdeclouet said...

Is the picture with Will a Butterfield? Karen took a picture with one once, and got in trouble for it.

Carlee, great pose!

Xularite said...

Will, I will give you a surprise if you can tell me what kind of shoes you are wearing in this picture!

wilablog said...

Those are Pikolinos. One of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever purchased. Bought this particular pair in Summit, NJ in 2006. What is my surprise?

mdeclouet said...

@xularite - Bizarre that the shoes are what gets mentioned here, but coming from it really that bizarre?