Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Our summer vacation is rapidly approaching and this is what it looks like. It's a great trip through a portion of the American West, starting in Denver, taking us through western Colorado, through a sliver of Utah and then down south to the Grand Canyon followed by a visit to the Tucson and Phoenix areas of Arizona. We are looking at about 1,184 miles in a car, approximately 2,300 miles in the air, and spending as many as possible nights in Marriott and Ritz Carlton resorts along the way (gotta use those Marriott points somehow). So we are not necessarily roughing it out in a campground...but we're going to get a chance to see some pretty amazing sights and some friends and family along the way.

I think I might take the week after off of work because I have a feeling this is going to tire me out.


mdeclouet said...

Very much looking forward to spot F. Any rafting in CO?

Erin said...

Does the pooch go with you guys?!

wilablog said...

Nope! We have a special house sitter in town to take care of her and the house while we are out. She is gonna be spoiled to death by my Nancy!!! :-)

No rafting plans as of yet.

SINEDDIE said...

wow...would this be the farest road trip attempted so far?
lots-o-pix dude!!