Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Brothers and Puppy

This past week me and my two brothers met up in Kansas City, hopped in a van with a 12 week old puppy (named Anejo) and drove more than 1200+ miles all the way to Maplewood, NJ. With my middle brother about to be a father of two twins, this might have been one of the few chances the three of us might have in the future to break away and hang out as a group. In was the first time ever the three of us had spent time together for more than an hour without any other family members around. We did 4 days. The trip was a blast and you can read the twitter feed from Wayne and myself by clicking this link.

Primary stops along the way: Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Maplewood. I took some time to scan through the photos I took from the trip and picked a few of the ones that I liked of the group.

Gates BBQ in KC! This is where my oldest brother picked up the nickname Mr. Patron after he stole the remote from the waitress. 

The brothers at LuBar & Bistro in Carlyle, IL. 

Primanti Bothers in Pittsburgh! Breakfast sandwich with fries and cole slaw was excellent. Loving the panorama mode on the new iOS 6.

Yes, my coat glows in Pittsburgh at the Pennsylvania Brewery. Great beer and stories told here by one of my oldest brothers old friends with the nickname of Pooch.

And then to top it all off, we found my mom (who lives in Massachusetts) in NJ! What an awesome surprise and great way to end the trip. I would do the whole thing again in a heartbeat.

And of course, the star of the show, Anejo!

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