Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brazil 4, US 0: Let the questions begin

The US WNT was crushed by Brazil this morning 4-0. The chorus of questions that the coach must be facing regarding his decision to change goalies will never end. His substitutions late in the game to put more defensive players in when down 3-0 will add to the fire. The fact that we put our fastest defender in at the 60th+ minute against a team that was killing our left wing will bury this guy. But... be fair:
  • The referee made a horrendous call and ejected a US player for no reason in the first half, changing the face of the game
  • The US team just didn't play as good as everyone thinks they are. They were unable to possess the ball all tournament. Their attack was one dimensional. Their defending was not solid. All around, the US team was just beat by Brazil.
In the end, I believe the coach made some mistakes, and they were big ones. However, the loss should be placed at the feet of the entire team. They played poorly.


Mark said...

Crushed is the perfect verb. Excellent analysis Mr. Wynalda. Have you ever thought of a career change.

wilablog said...

I posted my broadcasting resume to Monster after the first game of the tournament3...90 minutes of Julie Foudy made me realize I could do the job.

the whiskey said...

They gave up an own goal in the first 20 mins? Ouch!