Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Love of the Iceberg

Oh bring me the love that can sweeten a sword
A boat that can love the rocks or the shore
The love of the iceberg reaching out for a wreck
Can you love me like the crosses love the nape of the neck?
- Josh Ritter, To the Dogs or Whoever

At the end of October we are headed to San Francisco for a wedding of a friend of ours. My wife, being the amazing woman she is, realized that one of my favorite artists was performing out there at the same time. To be clear, it took her one minute to look and realize this during my 15 minute rant that Josh Ritter was not coming any where near Lafayette, La. That said, we booked our flight one day earlier and are headed to see Josh Ritter at Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco on October 24th.
I was "introduced" to Josh Ritter via my friend Cool Hand Luke and consider myself in his debt for this recommendation. Luke's brother posted the video below on his blog a while back and that's probably what got me thinking that I really wanted to see Josh live. I have a sense from watching this that I'll be in debt for the inspiration from that post as well. I can't help but watch this video and use the word "joyful" to describe his performance.

So yeah, pretty excited about the trip to San Francisco. You can stream Josh Ritter's new album at his website. Check out the lyrics page if you have time - his lyrics are pretty amazing.


Josh said...

Joyful. Yep. My wife and I were privileged to see him in a tiny place within walking distance of our home when he was between _Hello, Starling_ and _The Animal Years_. He radiated energy and joy of what he was doing. You're in for a treat.

Luke and I expect a bootleg.

wilablog said...

Can't wait...It's kind of strange how much I am looking forward to it. Oh well.

Luke said...

I always find it interesting to trace the connections that brought me to a particular artist. Its fun to see someone else do it. And very cool to be a part of it.

I'll be looking forward to your review (and boot, of course).

Josh Gentry said...

Luke found a good Josh Ritter show for download on archive.org.


wilablog said...

I was just hoping to bring my camera...but from the ticket site I think I saw that was not even allowed...

Thanks for the link to the live show.