Monday, September 10, 2007

Brazil 4, USA 2

The US MNT lost to Brazil today 4-2. It was a good game to watch and I think you need to be impressed with the character of the US team to come back from a 2-1 deficit against the number 1 team in the world. However, I don't think you walk away from this game pleased. We gave up a cheap set play goal by having no one marking the back side, we gave away a stupid penalty kick, and we scored an own goal.

I'm glad Bob Bradley said it after the game as well. No matter how "even" we played with Brazil for periods of that game (and there were periods where we were taking it to them), 4 goals against, with 3 of them being cheap is not something to be pleased with.

Bob Bradley: "We don’t leave today pleased about the result. We’re playing in the U.S, the game is 2-2 and we had a little bit of momentum, so at that point you feel like that game could be ours, or that game could end 2-2. There are things that we can improve on, but we feel that little by little we are making these improvements."

I think Michael Bradley was my US Man of the Match up until he pulled a man down in the box. I thought he had a pretty strong game in the central midfield overall.


rc said...

You have to love a lot of comments on some message boards that claim Bradley is only playing because his Dad is the coach. Do those people watch the game? I have not seen a US midfielder work that hard in a long time. The kid didn't stop, and won his fair share of 50 / 50 balls. I agree w/ the Man of the Match for him.

Also, as much as I hate listening to Wynalda open his mouth, he had some great points yesterday. Convey not using his right foot at all; Dempsey, although improving, is still struggling to make the off the ball runs a forward needs to make; marking at the back needs to be tightened up; the Ref being blind on a few no-calls.

Overall, it's Brazil. I woudl just like the US team to be able to turn it on for games against other teams like they do for Brazil and Mexico.

wilablog said...

Your comment on Wynalda is a good one. He did have some good points. Its unfortunate that I immediately hate everything he says though. I don't think he will ever have credibility with me, even if he says intelligent things. It's how he says them that really causes the pain.

rc said...

You should read the book "Soccer Against the Enemy". Very well written book, and the author rips Wynalda, pretty funny. Only one line of the whole book, but I though it was comical that an English journalist in 1994 could tell what a jackass he was.

Side note, try and find the original printing, Football Against the Enemy, it will be better. They re-published it for an American audience, and changed Football to Soccer everywhere in the book, including the title. Only problem is that no-one proof read it afterword, so you have instances where it refers to "American Soccer" when he means American Football, and "Kick of Soccer" where he means kick a football.