Friday, May 22, 2009


I have different miscellaneous "action item note taking" methods that evolve every week. The factor that drives their evolution is usually pretty simple: someone says something that I need to remember, so I find the closest pad. This week, that was a post it pad.

When I am working on client sites or on long projects, I use a bound notebook to make sure I don't lose things. I also have a note taking method that is more "organized" and electronic than this. That method utilizes "emails to self" combined with Outlook functions and word/text documents. This week's post-it method is strictly for those ad hoc phone calls that come out of the blue and result in action items that I was not forecasting...

I want to merge all of these methods, but I think I need a better mobile device to do so. Perhaps a Tablet PC would help.


SINEDDIE said...

perhps a traper keeper?

Wayne LaBar said...

Perhaps you should discuss with you bro who has one ?

wilablog said...

Probably will! However, first I need to convince my company that it is necessary :-)

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