Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter of Recommendation

So do you think Alex Ferguson is a good coach? If he recommended you for a coaching job, do you think you would get it? I'll take that letter of recommendation any day of the week. Check it out.

"I like Bob, I like his approach, I think he has a steely determination about him and he goes into a lot of detail in his coaching."

Ferguson was surprised that the United States national team have not offered Bradley a new deal with his current contract set to expire in December.

"I think he did a fantastic job (at the World Cup) and I am surprised the USA have not sprinted to his house and given him a new contract, I must say that.”

I know opinions are split on this one...but unless Sir Alex is trying to tank the US' chance at the next World Cup, I'd have to say that is one strong endorsement.


rc said...

I just don't understand how he could have started Ricardo Clark against Ghana. I was screaming at the TV when the lineup was displayed, so much that my wife said to me: "what's wrong with you?"...

wilablog said...

Yeah. Although, to be honest, I have parents who probably feel the same way as you and I am not sure they are right. That's why he's the coach. He sees more than us.