Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everton's Pink Kit

Happened to be watching some EPL this past weekend and did a double take when I saw this on TV. At first, it was just shock. Then dislike... and slowly, I might be getting convinced. Not that bad after all. If you're gonna wear this though, you better have a good team and some "out of the box" thinking fans like these guys.

In related news, the Belfast Telegraph has a great set of photos of bad football kits. This pink one is the first in the list. Here's a couple more to tempt you into checking out the rest. I swear that these are real uniforms (unless BT is lying). I'll take lightning pink over these two any day.


pele1410 said...

UnprofessionalFoul.com does a semi-regular feature where they show off some of the ugliest articles of clothing I've ever seen.

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

pele1410 said...

What happened to removing the comment moderation?

wilablog said...

Got hit with multiple spam comments within 3-4 days. I turned it back on and it allows you to flag comments as spam. So I'm gonna "teach" it for a while and see if it learns.