Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jozy's New Beau

We have been doing a little dog sitting this weekend which has given Jozy the chance to visit with her neighbors Sofie and Shoba. Shoba has a large percentage of wolf in his DNA...making this type of rendezvous a little dicey for a female of Jozy's temperament. After we got past the initial meet and greet  which consisted of a lot of teeth, snarls and growls...the two dogs settled in for a successful date on the town yesterday.

Astute observers will notice that Jozy has some new gear for when we go on walks - her ABO Aussie backpack (tested and approved by rescue dogs in Atlanta).  I find that when she walks with this on, two things occur:

1. She pulls a little less forcefully, making the walk more enjoyable.
2. She carries her own poo bags, making the walk more enjoyable.

Word from Shoba was that he liked how it complemented Jozy's eyes.

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mdeclouet said...

Dog backpacks...genius