Wednesday, March 21, 2007

US MNT Camp Call-Ups

So Bradley called up a new MNT camp to prepare for the upcoming MNT games against Ecuador (3/25) and Guatemala (3/28). I am pretty happy with some of the new faces. You can listen to Bob discuss the roster here.

Jay DeMerit (Watford FC)
Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)
Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen)
Benny Feilhaber (Hamburger SV)
Frank Simek (Sheffield Wednesday)

I am really hoping to see Feilhaber take the field. I watched him play for the U-20 team in the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship and I thought he showed potential to be the future playmaker of the US squad. It's a double fixture camp so the chances are good that we will see Benny get his first cap.

Bob on Benny: "Benny started the season quite well in Hamburg, but obviously has suffered of late with the coaching change, but he has a good feel for the game. He reads things well when he has time on the ball. He has a good sense of where the ball should go. He can mix up passes short and long. So we are anxious to continue to challenge him and move him forward."

Bob on Spector: "Jonathan, we all know, is a young player that has done quite well in the Premiership. Primarily he has played as a right and left back, but he also has some experience playing as a center back. I think that we want to be able to see him on both the outsides and in the center and have a good grip on what he can offer for the tournaments this summer and know where he fits best. Week in and week out the part that always impresses me with Jonathan is just his competitiveness. He’s shown, even as a young player in hard games, that his concentration is good and he understands how to handle himself in tough games."

Benny vs. Landon:

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rc said...

There was a comment on about how Clint Dempsey, Kasey Keller and Landon Donovan were "talking shop about the EPL". Hmmm, more like Clint and Kasey talking shop, and Landon evesdropping, right before Landon went back to his hotel room to cry himself to sleep. I have the same level of experience w/ the EPL as Landon does, and that is limited to what games FSC shows on TV.