Thursday, August 30, 2007


Coach: Ok, when I say your name, let me know if you can make the scrimmage on Saturday.
Coach: Boudreaux
Player: Yup.
Coach: Broussard
Player: I don't want to.
Coach: I'll take that as a yes.
Coach: LeBlanc (pronounced with a hard 'c' at the end)
Player: Coach, you're not in Jersey any more, it's pronounced LeBlauh

(I'm not sure how to type out that nasally cajun sound that makes up that last name, but for the life of me, I am having trouble leaving out the 'c'. It doesn't matter how long I've lived here.)


Mark said...

Good luck in the tourney this weekend! Keep us posted as to your results.

Anonymous said...

5 extra laps around the field....that's what my HS coach would have said...

the whiskey said...

This from the group of kids who pronounce "mullet" as "moo-lay."

Just wait until you leave Cajun Country one day, LeBlanc. There'll be plenty of people to correct your pronunciation of more than just a name or two.

wilablog said...

Wow...the whiskey sounds a little bitter :-) just kidding.

I had a couple guys doing laps yesterday.

Thanks for the well wishes. We're going in as underdogs and spoilers so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

the whiskey said...

Ha! Don't mean to sound bitter. . . I actually really like that pronunciation of "LeBlanc."

I suppose I endured my fair share of snickering when I had to read the class roster at the beginning of each semester.

Good luck out there this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

best of luck this weekend - wish we could have joined you. love from arkansas

retired said...