Friday, August 17, 2007

One Shot, One Goal

In his first start for the LA Galaxy this past Wednesday in the SuperLiga semifinal, Beckham had his first chance to hit a free kick from within 25 yards. With this chance came his first goal. That's right, first real free kick and he puts it away. Later in the game he had an assist to Donovan. After watching this game I don't think anyone could doubt that he led his team to victory (2-0 over DC United). It won't be this way every time...but it sure was nice to watch.

This is classic Beckham, silencing critics with action in the most dramatic fashion. Enjoy.

(Warning: Odd techno music playing during video)

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rc said...

You said it. The reason I am a huge Beckham supporter. The guy get ripped time and time again by media all over the world, and he keeps his mouth shut and scores goals...