Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ender's Game

I'm a big fan of the Orson Scott Card book Ender's Game. I read the entire series for the first time this past July during our summer vacation. I would have to agree with this comic, Ender's Game was the best. However, I thought the whole series was worth it. To say that one is the best does not imply the others are not good - they were all excellent.

This cartoon from XKCD was just too timely to not share.


Luke said...

Oh! You beat me too it. I've been meaning to blog this. I disagree with your assessment though. I think this is hilarious because while I rank Ender's Game as my favorite book of all time, I hated Xenocide. To be honest, I didn't like Speaker much either, but Xenocide was just terrible.

I've liked a lot of other Orson Scott Card books. I just didn't think the rest of the Ender-related works could hold up at all to the original.

wilablog said...

I have to admit...the piggies were a weird concept, but still, in my mind their were some good elements to the last book. In general, the series was good. Ender's Game was awesome.