Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Subsurface Drainage

My U-17 team is headed to Plano this upcoming Labor Day weekend for our first tournament of the Fall. We have never played in a tournament of this size. It has over 30 teams and is held in Pizza Hut Park. It should be a really good experience for my team. The fields are described on their website:

  • Each field has subsurface drainage constructed with ADS perforated pipe which feeds into a perimeter drain loop that leads to the retention ponds. The water in the retention ponds is used to irrigate the fields.

  • The soil profile consists of 6" of lightweight aggregate placed on the hard pan grade followed by 12" of sand that has been blended with peat moss. All materials used meet or exceed USGA standards for subsurface soil drainage and retention rates. The soil profile will drain at a rate of 12"-16" per hour.

Sounds "tight" .... as my players would say.


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Anonymous said...

who normally plays on this 6 million dollar field?

wilablog said...

Apparently clubs in the Dallas area as well as clubs related to the FC Dallas MLS team.