Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nick Drake - 'Cello Song & From The Morning

You would seem so frail in the cold of the night when the armies of emotion go out to fight. But while the earth sinks to its grave you sail to the sky on the crest of a wave. So forget this cruel world where I belong, I'll just sit and wait and sing my song. And if one day you should see me in the crowd, lend a hand and lift me to your place in the cloud. - Nick Drake, Cello Song
Felt like posting something from my all time favorites tonight. Nick Drake became a staple for me in college and I don't listen to nearly enough of his music these days. I think I am going to start addressing that though. Nick is one of the artists that completely changed my taste in music about 14-15 years ago when I first heard the following track called Cello Song.

This next song is called From the Morning from the album Pink Moon which was recorded in 1971 during two back to back midnight sessions.

Go here Bryter Music to learn more about Nick and his music and stream a number of his songs.

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