Monday, May 02, 2011

Where the Rideau Canal meets the Ottawa River

Nothing like finishing out 2 months of solid travel with a scenic trip up to Ottawa, Canada. It was a little rainy today but that does nothing to spoil the capital. Here is a photo of Parliament, a map of the country found in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and a view of the Grand Hall in that same museum.

I got to spend about an hour in the museum today, which was remarkable and just too short of time to really appreciate it. I will say that the museum did an excellent job of creating tangible spaces that conveyed the "feel" of what was being presented along with what literally was being presented. Tough to explain. The atmosphere for each exhibit was just very impressive.

Following the museum, I got to enjoy some of the local rainy weather with a walk across the Ottawa river, an excellent Tapas meal at a restaurant called Play, and speak to an Iraqi cab driver about Canadian/US politics and the recent news of Bin Laden's death. Pretty interesting day.

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