Monday, June 13, 2011

From Snoods to Hijabs

Earlier this month, FIFA banned the Iranian woman's soccer team from competing in the 2012 Olympics due to the fact that they were wearing Islamic headscarves. Apparently the decision was made right before the kickoff of their qualifying game against Jordan. Jordan was granted the 3-0 victory and Iran is out of the Olympics. The devastation that this moment caused for the team is difficult to look at it in the photo below.

One of my daily feeds, Co.Design posted a potential solution that has been developed by Elham Seyed Javad, an Iranian-born French-Canadian designer. This "sports hijab" is for female Muslim athletes who need/want to take the field in full head-and-neck cover. Personally, on top of its potential to fix FIFA's perspective, I think this actually looks pretty cool. The skeptics are probably out in full force though since FIFA is such a mess when it comes to sounds decision making and other topics such as women in sport.

One can't help but wonder if a Snood replacement might be next in the designer's queue.

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