Saturday, June 11, 2011


My father used to travel all over the world for his work when I was younger. I don't remember a lot about the trips when he was gone except for a few memories of the souvenirs he brought back or the postcards he would send. I remember one really large postcard in particular with a snow covered castle. I'm not sure what country it was from but if I had to hazard a guess it was Switzerland. I have it somewhere. On the back of that postcard, and probably others, there was one sentence, "Will, Be good for your mom. Dad"

That makes me smile. I think those postcards are what made me start to collect stamps when I was younger.

This souvenir is from one of trips to Mexico I think. I remember playing with it a lot growing up and I'm pretty sure my brother had one just like it. Wish I knew what it was called.


Anonymous said...

I recall that toy!!!
Mexican hat on a string.

i once rec'd a post card from your dad. it was huge. i stull have it!!!

wilablog said...

What does it say?