Sunday, June 26, 2011

Social Experiment

We are secretly being watched in some sort of social experiment. Here is what I know:
  1. Yesterday, a bike was placed on our lawn with no announcement or intention being made known to us.
  2. Mid-day, the bike was moved up to the side of our tree.
  3. I moved it back.
  4. It has yet to get stolen (or taken back by its owner) and we are running a little over a day now I think.
  5. It is in good condition.


Xularite said...

You should put a for sale sign on the bike... with someone else's phone number.

SINEDDIE said...

are there lots of kids on the street that play outside?

maybe it was a gift from the bmx gods?

mdeclouet said...

By theory is as follows:

Some kid was a little lazy while seeking a ride home from Reds, so he stole a bike, and dropped it off at your house prior to walking two his dwelling down your street (so mom wouldn't ask questions). Probably better to post a note on the bulletin board at Reds about your find...or it could be gang related.

wilablog said...

The bike is still there. Pretty crazy that no one has stolen it yet!

Ellen said...

I'll steal it.... I'm looking for a road bike.

wilablog said...

Questionable strategy: confessing to a crime prior to committing it.