Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Golazo: Eric Hassli vs. Guardado

Two great goals from this past weekend in case you haven;t seen them. The top one is from the Vancouver vs Seattle game. It was even more special as it came a few moments after Seattle went up on Vancouver. And then Eric Hassli unleashed this:

I didn't see this next one live but heard about it and it is almost as impressive as Hassli's. Given the choice though, I'll always vote for a MLS goal over as Mexican national team goal.


mdeclouet said...

Ridiculous...even more so than that packed stadium. Mexican fans really come out in full support of their team.

pele1410 said...

I have to pick between a Mexican or a Frenchman in Canada? What horrible choices.


wilablog said...

Ouch. Especially since I am French-Canadian. Your disdain is duly noted.

pele1410 said...

To be fair I would normally pick the French Canadian, I just really liked the Mexican goal.