Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Haul Out

Day 1 of the conference I am at finished today and I took the early evening "off" and went for a walk down to Fisherman's Warf. This is not a leisurely stroll. If you have ever been to San Francisco and know where Union Square is in relation to the wharf, you know that I walked up some killer hills tonight. Along the way I got in some good old touristing activities. San Fran is a visual treat. I fantasize about being a photographer, and this is a city that does nothing but entertain that fantasy.
  • (above) Cable Car with the sun descending and reflected off a street side building. I was purposely catching the glare behind the car and thought it would make a cool shot. The buildings deep in the background have a really nice "glared" outline that I like.
  • View of Alcatraz from the wharf. I really like the foreground detail that fades into the actual subject of the island.
  • The Linda Noelle and other boats along the pier. I love the reflections in the water.
  • Sea Lions on Pier 39. These two guys were fighting for more than 10 minutes. Evidently, the act of hanging out and catching some rays is to "haul out."
  • Detail on side of fishing boat.
  • Sunset from the pier.
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Cool Hand Luke said...

Nice shots. San Francisco is great. These would make a nice flicr photo set.

SINEDDIE said...


z carpenter said...

Like I said before: I wish I had your job.

Cool Hand Luke said...

z_carpenter, Trust me. You don't want wilablog's job.

z carpenter said...

Cool hand luke you have not had the pleasure to meet my family. You would run to the nearest police station and beg to serve time.

I personal have threaten to find a job offshore 30-30 several times this year.