Monday, April 10, 2006

When it Rains, It Pours

The other day, I was describing the horrors of a trip up to NJ via Philadelphia. Well, the week ended with remarkable symmetry. I won't bore you with too many details but here is a quick recap in order to close the loop on 1 very bad travel week:
  • Thursday: Work ends early. I try to get out of Philly early. All flights were sold out - had to wait until Friday.
  • Friday: Delta does not do standby unless you are a gold member; I am only silver. All earlier flights on Friday are sold out so paying the change fee is not even an option. I wait 8 hours in the airport gate area for my flight.
  • One hour before my flight: Flight Cancelled.
  • One hour after flight was cancelled: Still in line trying to reschedule a flight.
  • One and a half hours after flight cancelled: Finally engage in conversation with ticketing agent for re-booking.
  • Two hours after flight cancellation: After watching other agents successfully book 3 people new flights, I ask for a new ticketing agent. Things go down hill from here. Delta decides they don't like me.
  • Friday Night: Rent a new car. Drive to Newark. No flights from Philly are available until Sunday. I got rebooked on the last available open seat on a Saturday flight out of Newark.
  • Saturday: Fly from Newark and make Baton Rouge by 4 PM. Make Lafayette by 5:00 PM Saturday.
  • Saturday, early evening: Cut hand on window treatment being removed from new house.
  • Saturday, midnight: Check into emergency room fearful of tetanus or some other infection that is causing my arm to burn.
  • Sunday, 3:30 am: Return from emergency room, laughter of triage nurse echoing in my ear.
  • Today: Pack for trip back to NJ tomorrow. Swear to never fly Delta again.
On the plus side of all of this, I did spend Thursday and Friday with 2 old friends and my brother and his wife. So I got some real good personal time in. It was as close to lemonade as you can get.


SINEDDIE said...

my o-my, that seems like a good run of bad luck my friend.

wilablog said...

Yea...but it is kind of funny looking back on it so I am ok with that. Plus, I got to hang out with some folks so I made good use of the time.

Cool Hand Luke said...

Terrible. As bad as the cut sounds, the flight experience is obviously worse. I won't say anything at all to jinx you about getting your bad travel karma all in one dose or anything like that. As for the cut, it looks like the Wil(l)s whose blogs I read are having some strange similarities in recent happenings.