Sunday, June 24, 2007


It is the 3rd weekend of the adult 6v6 league in Lafayette. I am playing in both the men and coed leagues, which means two 1 hour games back to back. I've missed the first two weeks because we have been traveling. It was a decent night for me - 2 goals and multiple assists, lots of good passing. I was pleased with my play (especially because it has been a month or so since I was in a game). I ended up not really playing in the coed game because I started feeling a weird pain in my knee...not something I want to mess with. I didn't feel it in the men's game so I am not sure if it is serious.

My knee wasn't the only pain though. I seem to have blisters on both of my feet. It may have something to do with my cleats. They have seen better days and are now being held together by athletic tape. The toes are busted out and the insoles are all worn out and loose. I think it is time to get a new pair.


Anonymous said...

Good God man, buy a new pair!!!!
Blisters? You think???
(spoken like a ghost, lot's of echo....)
So says Eddie who's knees go creek in the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are things otherwise?
Monday- BUY a new pair of cleats!!!
It's an order. I'm calling you Monday night to check!!!

Anonymous said...

i gave you an example on my

retired said...

Duct tape works much better!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously the knee issues are related to the shoes i agree with sineddie time to get a new pair. Too bad you don't still have your special discount!?!?!