Friday, June 08, 2007

Regional Update #1

One game down, four games to go. We beat North Texas 2-0 this evening. Two second half goals and we now have 3 points in our bracket with a +2 goal differential. During the first 5-10 minutes the North Texas team was out of the gates like race horses. Running at us all over the field and hitting us hard. 15 minutes and and we were chipping away. By the end of the first half we had hit the cross bar and missed a few decent chances to their one or two. Second half and we kept chipping away until we were dominating and ahead by one goal. Another five minutes and the nail was in the coffin as we put the second one in the net. It was a hard fought game and the guys deserved the win.

We have two games tomorrow and need to break bracket. North Carolina is at 12:30. Roll Thunder.


Anonymous said...

Great job - good luck this afternoon. NA

Jim said...

Congrats! Winning is good medicine. Just thinking about all that running makes my sides hurt.