Sunday, June 24, 2007

Normally, there will be a horn to begin the game...

"Normally, there will be a horn to begin the game, end the half, begin the second half, and finally end the game. If no horn, just begin the game at 6:30 if players are present, a ball is available, and the field is open to play."

I used to organize a team for the 6 v 6 league (with a lot of help from Carlee) but the lack of organization and the casual approach of the people who run the league made it a little too frustrating for me. Now that I let other people organize the teams for the league, it is much more fun. The quote above is from the league's website - it gives you a flavor for how casual it is. I am ok with casual play and pick up games. When you pay $50 bucks per league though...casual can be a little frustrating sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

did you ever use a volleyball instead because someone forgot to bring a soccer ball??
i wish i could play in a league like that...maybe goalie again if i really really get in shape..i miss the game