Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jason "Cantona" McAteer

Jason McAteer is an Irish footballer and in 1996 he managed to top Cantona in the flying karate kick challenge. Cantona did this to a fan, so in my opinion, he is the grand pooh-bah of them all. This video however, tops any thing I have ever seen about that Cantona incident (which I have only ever been able to find photos of). Brought to you by Who Ate All the Pies.


rc said...

You have to love McAteer's gesture after the Red. He seems as if he is completely oblivious as to why it was even a foul! I find it funny that Roy Keane was the "peacemaker" in that situation. He was probably just jealous that he wasn't able to try and put his foot through someone's chest. Side note, worst Irish National Team Uni's ever.

wilablog said...

I think that Keane and McAteer both got reds on that play...did I get that wrong. Side note: Agreed.