Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Zidane: Real Madrid-Leverkusen

Another great goal - this time by Zidane. This volley outshines Feilhaber's recent strike. However, I have to admit that when I saw Benny hit the shot, I remembered this particular one from Zidane. Here it is. No joke, this is phenomenal.

(via Football Commentator...I wonder if Benny inspired his post...)

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rc said...

True, that one is a beautiful strike. I even remember it making the SportCenter top 10, which is odd for a European Champions League game highlight to make the list, so it was extrordinary. One thing though, I feel it is easier to hit a scissor and keep the ball below the crossbar than it is to hit a straight on volley w/ enough topspin for it to dip below, and not sail it over. My opinion from personal experience, both goals are great either way. You have to hit a volley of any kind w/ such true-ness for it to act like those did, and that is tough.