Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lucky 13

The US MNT rose 13 spots in the FIFA world rankings this month. Any one else watching the Gold Cup games? The US is on an 8 game unbeaten streak under their new coach and in my opinion, playing the prettiest soccer I have ever seen us play. I am liking the quick pace, aggressiveness, and rapid 1-2 touch passing that we have going on. Much less long ball then before. We are now ranked 16th in the world.


rc said...

Although wins are wins, I am generally unimpressed with the lack of killer instinct our forwards have shown (I count Dempsey as a middie even though he has been lining up at the point). I had dinner last night w/ some people you know, Brooksie / Oks / Pin / Soup and we all came to the same conclusion that the US has a very deep pool of very solid players, but who is the player that opposing defenders are worried when they get the ball? Who is our Wayne Rooney, or Drogba, or Eto, or Kaka? Not saying we have a player of that level, but someone at the Concacaf level even that can dominate a game at times? I don't think we have that. And after these 3 Gold Cup games, I am off the Gooch bandwagon. He just looks clumsier each time I see him play. Can't blame Newcastle for passing on him. And if we are relying on Ching / Twellman / Johnson to put balls in the net, I think we are going to be disappointed.

rc said...

I am actually laughing right now, becuase I am picturing you singing your "nay sayer song" you posted about a while back.

wilablog said...

Indeed. Nay Saying at its best. I believe the bandwagon under gooch is collapsing all around. This is where my brother gets to tell everyone: I told you so. I have to agree with the end result of your conversation. We definitely lack that single player that will cause opposing teams to become worried. I wonder if American soccer can rise to the top competitive level without one...It seems your dinner party would conclude that this may not be possible. I think it merits consideration though.

In general, I have to reiterate my original point. I am seeing a different style of soccer come to the front under Bradley. Much more passing through the midfield rather than long ball and quick counters. Let's hope that's not just because we are playing weaker opponents.

SINEDDIE said...

You can always sing "Out of my yard" by Wooden Legg.