Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adu Leaving MLS?

SBI posted yesterday that Portuguese side Benfica is interested in Adu. The MLS reportedly wants $7.5M. After watching him at the U-20 World Cup, I am excited for Adu to get a chance overseas. I think that getting out of the MLS is a good move for him because of the constant pressure he gets from the media and fans here. Is $7.5M too much?

The original news came from Steve Goff at the Washington Post. In the same post by Steve, he drops the bomb that Ballack wants to play for the Galaxy after 2010. Ballack must have missed the pathetic display that was Beckham's debut this past weekend. I was really pissed at ESPN - the coverage was ridiculous. They made no effort to talk about Chelsea and spent way too much time on such tripe as Beckham's ankle cam and interviews with celebrities who were attending their first soccer game. Ugh. I enjoyed watching it out of some sick rubbernecking perspective though. If it wasn't for the media's inability to focus on the important topics (like who else is playing in the game they are showing), Beckham's move to the US would probably be a good thing.


rc said...

Ives lists the transfer fee at a small $2M now, but who knows. Deal is being held up by Adu coming to personal terms with the club. Adu turns it on for these youth WC's, but I don't think he has proven himself, even in the MLS. He lit up the last youth WC he was in too. Bottom line is that his is small, not going to grow 6" and add 30 lbs. This is going to limit him in the European ranks.

rc said...

Oh yes, and I agree that the US media has completely ruined the Beckham unveiling. I am sure that no brained @ss-clown Lalas is loving it though.