Monday, July 02, 2007

Copa America: US falls to Paraguay

In order to win, you need to score more goals than the opposition.

I thought the US played a good game. We were a completely different squad from the timid group that took on Argentina. We passed the ball quickly and created opportunities. And that is where it ended. We just could not score. Add a mental mistake by the back line on a back pass, and the inability to mark a runner through the center mid and the game is over. Factor in the goalie that the US fans must be loving to hate...and you have 3-1. Depressing. There were a lot of US players who looked really good. Benny looked inspired. Clark was lethal at moments. Olsen is my pick over Beasley (even if they play on opposite outside mids). Was that Eddie Johnson working hard? WTF?

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rc said...

I can't believe Olsen's work rate. I have never been a huge fan of his, but he is a sparkplug. With the way he directs the field, I would have given him the armband in that game.

Keller has had a wonderful career for the US, 100+ caps, and he has single handedly won more games for hte US than he has lost. He has lost a step, no doubt about it, and it is tough to watch. I think he knows it too.

Clark and Feilhaber, 2 promising prospects for the US midfield. I woudl like to see Clark and Dempsey running at defenders.

Where the hell is Heath Pierce? The self proclaimed "best left back" in the US? We are playing a guy I have never heard of (Moor?) and this guy who has had a few good trials for Bundesliga teams is riding pine? Bornstein is a solid prospect, but young and could probably use a breather.

EJ just doesn't care. He just does not have the fire. I think he ran becuase they told him to, not becuase he wants to be there.

Twellman is like a light switch. Highlight reel in MLS, completely useless internationally. I don't get it.

Bottom line, a lot of positives to take from the game, and I think Bob is learning a lot about what he has available for WC Qaulifying starting next year.