Saturday, July 14, 2007

U-20 World Cup: Border Crossing

This was the conversation on the way back from Toronto after the US v Uruguay game.

Customs Agent: Where are you headed now?
Me: Back to Newark.
Customs Agent: What's in Newark?
Me: Family.
Customs Agent: So take me through your trip from when you flew into Newark until today. After Newark, I'm kind of lost.
Me: Me too.

... (followed by more suspicious border crossing banter and then)...

Customs Agent: So why did you go to Ottawa?
Me: To watch the US play in the U-20 World Cup.
Customs Agent: So why were you in Toronto?
Me: To watch the US play again.
Customs Agent: So what, you like follow the team around all over the country?
Me: Pretty much.


SINEDDIE said...

agent: Is that a moose you are smuggling back to Newark?

will: No sir, that my Uncle Louie,

agent: He looks like a moose

will: That explains why he keeps eating the grass in front of the hotel.

wilablog said...

you're an odd egg SE.

rc said...

Good to hear our customs officers are stepping it up a notch on dangerous looking individuals like Mr. and Mrs. Labar. Was his finger on the trigger the whole time? I mean, there is no telling what you two are capable of...