Saturday, July 07, 2007

U-20 World Cup: More US vs Brazil Photos

So I am in some random B&B on Lake Champlain in VT and the internet connection is sloooow. Thus, I am still uploading photo's piece meal. Unlike the previous 2 posts, I compressed this set. The other shots (here and here) have the full high res photos from my camera. In this set:

Above: US team warming up prior to the game
1. Brazilian fans during the game
2. Adu taking a free kick in the second half - keeper ended up tipping this one over the bar
3. Fans leaving the stadium at night (thus the weird lighting, I had to adjust the shutter speed a bit). That's an entire street full of people as far as you can see. It was a sell out crowd.


Anonymous said...

that camera takes nice pix my friend!!! you have a good eye for it.

wilablog said...