Sunday, July 01, 2007

U-20 World Cup: Looking Ahead

I haven't mentioned this yet but I need to. When the US team takes on Brazil in Ottawa on July 6th, we'll be in the stands. Can't wait. Also, it's a double header so we get to see Argentina play against Korea that same day in the same stadium. I'm expecting fans from all 4 countries to create an awesome atmosphere at Frank-Clair Stadium. Plus, we get to see Argentina, Brazil and the US all in one day. It's a soccer fan's dream.


rc said...

I don't even know where Ottawa is. Ignorant American.

rc said...

Ah, now I see, up by St. Lawrence / Clarkson. Heading back to the old stomping grounds huh? Want to relive Ithaca vs. RPI @ NCAA's?

wilablog said...

You mean the game where the guy scored the bike on the frozen tundra and knocked us out? Yea...really looking forward to reliving it.