Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sometimes I lose patience as a coach. After all, I am only human and I coach 16 year old teenagers. Today we had a scrimmage and only 10 of my players were able to make it. So I played forward. I was getting the team together prior to the opening whistle and the conversation went like this:

Coach: OK guys, we won't have many chances to get an 11 v 11 game prior to our last tournament, so we need to use this scrimmage to work on a few things.
Player: Coach, is that gel in your hair?
Coach: No. It's sweat.
2nd Player: Coach, Do we have anything going on this weekend?
Coach: Seriously? So here are the things I want us to work on...
3rd Player: Why did we have to wear our uniforms for a scrimmage?
Coach: Screw it. I'll be up top. Get me the rock.


Mark said...

Excellent coaching session. Since when did you start using gel?

Anonymous said...

just kids dude...remember that....
did you like to run / practice when your were 16?

wilablog said...

It was a really funny moment actually. Kids loved it. "Get coach the rock. He's on fire."

Marc & Beverly Shea said...

It's a lot cuter when they're 5 or 6 and asking silly questions.