Sunday, October 21, 2007


I compiled some "stats" from my U-17 team's fall season for an end of season "good job" email. Thought I would share them here.
  • Overall record of 5-3-3, with two of the three losses coming in penalty kicks in the finals of 2 tournaments
  • We only lost one regulation game all season, and it was the first game of the season
  • Logged 19 practices, at least 38 hours
  • Commuted about 1000 miles including a road trip to Plano
  • Crowned soccer tennis champions
  • Managed to miss 8 PKs in just one season…
  • Gave up a few too many goals in the first 5 minutes of games
  • Came back from every game we gave those goals up in, and either won or tied each one
  • Lost one $120 soccer ball…collecting $11 from 1 player in order to replace said ball
  • Found 4 new soccer balls to make up the $109 balance
  • Discovered who was the best soccer golf player on the team
  • Defeated 2 of the premier level state semifinalists
  • Gave up fewer goals than any team in the BR NTG United Cup
  • Defeated or tied (in regulation) every LA premier team we played

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