Sunday, October 07, 2007


When we opened the door that goes to our car port yesterday we found the little guy in the poster you see above. I've checked with neighbors in the houses close to us but no one recognizes him. He had no collar and seemed pretty frightened for the first hour or so (as evidenced by 5 separate urination events on our kitchen floor). He hasn't done that again though, so I am wondering if he was traumatized by the freakish yellow tile we have.

We're hanging this poster around our neighborhood today.

Needless to say, if no one claims him, it looks like we have a pet... Thus, coming soon (possibly), a Help Us Name our Dog contest.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the owner is around....however, my vote for possible names:

Carlee's friend said...

Great Short Footballers - Cool Dog Names?




P.S. If he was a she its a no brainer - FIFA

Good Luck!

wilablog said...

We've hung one sign so far...and as I was hanging it I was hoping no one would see it! :-(

Good name suggestions all around. We have actually been leaning towards picking a good footballer name. I'll
add Messi to the list as in Lionel Messi. The double meaning of the name is interesting as well. We tried Didier as in Didier Drogba - kind of an opposite name approach, since he is huge.

FIFA would have been really funny.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Mark said...

I've heard rumors about an incredibly talented midfielder for AFC. Goes by the name deClouet?

wilablog said...

He doesn't dribble enough to be named deClouet.