Sunday, February 24, 2008

Summa Cum Laude

Today was a big day for Jozy, as she graduated from Puppy Education at PetSmart! I have to say that this class was worth every penny. Jozy still has things to learn about certain behaviors, but she really has come a long way with so many things. Today, we focused on her success.

On top of it all, everyone in the class went out of their way to compliment how good she was. And well...they sort of had to because Jozy basically kicked ass and took names in the final test. She completed the loose leash walking and 5 trick test with almost no points against her. I would give her a 95. I am a competitive person, and a proud puppy dad, but make no mistake - Jozy was the star pupil today and everyone knew it. For her graduation present we are getting her spayed!

Oh wait...we already did that. This time we just settled on getting her a new toy. Here is a photo of the star graduate (summa cum laude), cap, certificate and proud parents.


SINEDDIE said...

congrats to your little girl!!!

mdeclouet said...

Did anyone in the class fail, and if so how was it dealt with?

Oh yeah...congrats!

wilablog said...

Thanks for the congrats. As for the puppies who did not pass the test, first we tarred and feathered them, this was followed by forcing them to watch us play fetch with all of the other graduates, and finally I believe they now have to repeat Puppy Education before moving on to the next class. Jozy is now registered for "Click n' Tricks"!