Monday, May 08, 2006


This weekend was nothing but soccer.
  • Friday: Cook dinner for fourteen 15 year olds and watch 2101 goals in 2.5 hours. Mental preparation for the state quarterfinals.
  • Saturday, Game 1: Win the state quarterfinals 5-2.
  • Saturday, Game 2: Win the state semifinals. We played 80 minutes (0-0), two 10 minute sudden death overtimes and then went to Penalty Kicks.
  • Sunday, State Championship: We beat Houma in the finals, 3-0, giving up maybe only 5 shots on goal. One of the best games we have played and the perfect time to do so.
  • Sunday, Co-Ed Game: My adult team won the co-ed adult soccer league we play in later that same afternoon.
Not a bad weekend.


retired said...

Wish I could have been there!

wilablog said...

If I remember correctly, the last two games you came to for my U-15 team...we lost. In fact, we ended up winning every tournament after you stopped showing up. So while it would have been cool to see you this past weekend, I am ok with just reporting back to you on this one.


SINEDDIE said...