Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Am Not a Soap Opera Star

First, to be perfectly clear, I do not watch Soap Operas. My wife does. She Tivos Days of Our Lives and watches it at night. Well, last night they introduced a new character that had her exclaim: "This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!" Here is the description of the character.
  • Tall and skinny
  • Wears glasses
  • Went to RPI
  • Was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at RPI
  • Kind of a geek
  • Dances by himself on a regular basis
  • Has a blog
Yea. I am not kidding. In case you don't know the details, I was a Pike at RPI as well. While there (I am ok with admitting this), I danced by myself at some fraternity parties. I wasn't sober, but I did it.

So yes. Someone I know could be on the writing staff at Days of Our Lives.


WUdescendant said...

I am now truly concerned for my brother from the same mother: his wife watches, and even Tivos, Soap Operas; he is acutely aware of Soap Opera characters; both of them lose themselves in Weboggle; and he has never read the phrase, "lame-duck president" before this 'historic' election:)

Enjoy the game tonight! I'm torn between routing for my mother's threat ("If you don't wise up, you'll be going to Rutgers, or worse, RVCC!" [Sorry EDS, "my brother from a different mother,"* but it's true.]) or an old college foe (I hated traveling to UL).

*Dustin Hoffman, aka Bernie Focker, in "Meet the Fockers".

wilablog said...

"he has never read the phrase, 'lame-duck president' before..."

Sorry. Let me be clear. I have heard this phrase many times. This was the first time I had read about Bush being referred to as a lame-duck. I was referring to the formal change in tide that is resulting from the election. Not the phrase itself... Hope that clears it up.

Go cajuns.

wilablog said... I thought you were saying that Rutgers was playing UL. So I went to go look that up because that was news to me. It appears they are playing Louisville. In that case, I will just root for Rutgers. You need to be more specific...

WUdescendant said...

I thought it was clear with my comments to your post about "A Job Isn't Worth Doing." I thought it was clearer with your comments to my comments about your post "A Job Isn't Worth Doing." I also thought it was clearest with UL being #3 in the nation.

BTW I do not believe there is a UL in Louisiana. It goes Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette or ULL, Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe or ULM, Grambling State Univ. or GSU, Louisiana Tech Univ. or LTU, McNeese State Univ. or MSU, Nicholls State Univ. or NSU, Northwestern State Univ. or NSU, Southeastern Louisiana Univ. or SLU, which make up the Univ. of Louisiana System. Then there is LSU and many more which can be found at

BTW I was laughing the entire time I was reading, researching, and writing. I hope you were doing the same:)

wilablog said...

Oh. Well, if you live where I live, it pretty much goes by UL. Or sometimes "U of L." Either way. I am glad that the list of schools in the state required research on your part. Otherwise, I would be concerned about you.

At the very least, we have established a couple things:
1. I don't follow college football.
2. Your jokes are tough to follow.
3. Someone from Days of Our Lives is following me.

SINEDDIE said...

Great banter! did I get in the middle of this?....RVCC was not the best choice in hindsight...but it is the past....more or less...

...but I WAS at the Rutgers game, so ha-ha....

I like the phrase "brother from a different mother". Made me smile.