Monday, November 13, 2006

Treating the Symptoms

Even when CNN tries to tell a news story, I think the fail. Is it news worthy any more when the latest al Qaeda leader is captured somewhere? And this was one that was previously captured, escaped, and was now recaptured. Is it a sign that I have a short attention span that I feel that this just isn't important anymore? Or is it simply that the capture and detainment of these figures really seems to have no impact on any matters that I am ever made aware of? I wonder when I will read the news story about public opinion in the Arab world shifting in our favor? I would be willing to bet that CNN would not put it on one of their breaking news headlines despite the fact that it would probably be the first step to a real solution.

1 comment:

retired said...

Ahh! you are getting conservative in your old age! Before long I will have you watching Fox for the whole story.