Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Job Isn't Worth Doing

"A job isn't worth doing if you are not going to do it right."
- My Dad

So my dad used to tell me this every time I slacked off on a job or chore around the house. This saying has always stuck with me. Recently, the show had an entry from Ze that describes his own father teaching him the same adage. I thought it was well done and you might as well - especially if your dad or mom ever told you the same thing.


WUdescendant said...

Amen. I frequently use this "Wesism" as well. I also think this adage stuck with you since you heard it so often..."every time I slacked off on a job or chore around the house.":)

Post suggestion: It's crazy to hear and see national coverage of Rutgers football, the Raritan River, and Piscataway, NJ and how those elements correspond to the BCS. I think you could provide some interesting insight since you are from NJ, travel to NJ for work, and live in the South where college football reigns supreme.

wilablog said...

Is something going on at Rutgers? :-) Just kidding. I actually tried to go to a game last Sunday but I couldn't get a seat with the other people I was going with.

SINEDDIE said...

I am supposed to go to the game on 11-9.
There are a lot of fair weather fans ot fact Kohl's in Hillsboro and Flemington are now selling Scarley Knights Rutger football shirts and hats.