Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Can't Spell

So I consider myself a bad speller. I actually may not be all that bad. Maybe I just have expectations that are a little too high. I definitely have my problem words though. Some are more "usage" than spelling. The top 3 that come to mind are:

1. definitely
2. succeed
3. then or than?

In fact, every time I post here, I paste the text into MS Word and check my spelling. Not anymore though. This past weekend, in between games of weboggle, I upgraded to Firefox 2.0. It has a built in web form spell checker. Sweet. Too bad it can't fix my grammar then/than I would be all set.


SINEDDIE said...

i thinx u spells way gooder than most peoples.
whutz up wit that?

Anonymous said...
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