Wednesday, November 15, 2006

US vs Denmark

US vs. Denmark is scheduled for Jan 20th in Carson, CA. Hmm...Who can I visit out there?

Along with this game announcement in my inbox, the email stated that this game will be "the Debut of New Head Coach of the MNT." I wonder who it will be? Over at the Washington Post, they believe it is Klinsmann:

"For all my soccer-luvin' peeps out there. Some well connected people tell me Klinsi has essentially agreed to the US job financially, but it's being held up 'cause he does not want to take over full-time until Jan. 2008. On the surface, no big deal, since WC qualifying will not really be underway yet, but the USSF is making a bold step by going to the Copa America this summer - as well as the Gold Cup - so would want Klinsi to start sooner. Klinsi would be around, but Sigi Schmidt would coach the team full-time in 2007. Anyway, that's just what I've heard ..."

The text above is quoted from the end of the post found at this link. It is brought to via du Nord - a quality soccer blog.


rc said...

I think we have a few former teamates out in LA, so you should not have a problem finding an old friend to meet up with.

As far as Klinsman not starting until 2008, I don't see that as a big issue. Although the Gold Cup and Copa America are tournaments the US would benefit from doing well in, the other MAJOR soccer countries send 1/2 or 3/4 strength teams (except for Mexico). I would be very suprised if Argentina, Brazil, and Ecudor fielded full senior teams. Therefore, even with the US sending a full team, since the international seasons will be completed, I think it would be an opportunity for European based pros like Convey, Beasley, Bradley, Gooch, Demerit, and the various younger guys playing over there ( Just my opinion, but we need to start getting some caps for these younger european based guys during that time slot, since in 3 years from now, they won't be so young, and hopefully they will be helping us towards South Africa. Sigi is a well known guy in the US Soccer community, and has been involved at various levels of the national program. I am sure he could guide the team through these tournaments. He is familiar with the players, and in all honesty, Klinsman would need more than a few training sessions to change the style of play, so they would essentially be the same system come June. If the guys wants to start in 2008, I say sign him up, and save a few million for the year you won't have to pay him.

wilablog said...

I totally agree - we need to get some of these younger kids more playing time. Although, I might take Beasley out of that list...