Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reflecting on Voting

I was reading a news article online about the political shake up that is going on and it was the first time I read the phrase: "a lame-duck president." Interesting.

I don't often speak about my political views in this forum but I do have a personal observation about the last day or so. I pride myself on being an independent and I think that people who vote strictly on party lines are usually not providing democracy with the respect it deserves.

However, I also pride myself on being honest. I spent yesterday morning researching the candidates (as well as all of the other issues on the ballot) in my election. In addition to my research, there was another factor that weighed on my choice before I went out to vote. I really did feel that my vote was one way to send a message to the Republican party. That emotion was one I could not stop myself from having. It weighed into my choice. It was a "party line" way of thinking but I am not ashamed of it in this particular case.


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Yea...not a good week for your team my friend.