Monday, May 28, 2007

Cajun Signs: Bud 'N Boilin'

The sign above is from Dwight's Restaurant (their website needs a little bit of work) in Lafayette, LA. I like this sign of cajun culture for a number of reasons. I like how the Budweiser sign pays homage to crawfish season. I like how this restaurant thanks everyone for a great crawfish season. Finally, most of all, I like how most people around here probably don't even register the fact that thanking people for a great crawfish season is a unique piece of culture.

One last thing you'll notice: All restaurants in these parts are now 100% smoke free. Very cool.

Here is Dwight's primary sign on Johnston Street.

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SINEDDIE said...

The people are much nicer in the certain aspects.
I am referencing my Jersy is your Worl blog I wrote.