Monday, May 21, 2007

Cutting in Line

So we were in the Starbucks drive thru line on Saturday morning and I noticed that the driver 2 cars in front of me had left about 1 car length in between their car and the car currently ordering. I get annoyed when I see people do this at traffic lights (because I believe it impacts the number of cars that make it through the light), but I was ok with this at first. I was ok with it because I assumed the person was leaving some space to decide if they really wanted to wait in line. Let's face it, sometimes that drive thu line is brutal. Being able to exit can be really important if you are in a rush.

That was when the car that was ordering pulled forward and around the corner. The "gapper" didn't move. I waited 5 seconds or so. Reversed. Changed the angle of my car and craned my neck to see if I was missing another car, or a motor bike, or any other logical reason for the person to not pull up and order. Nothing. 10-15 seconds had passed. At this point, I pulled past the car immediately in front of me (who for some reason was not laying on their horn) and pulled up next to the "gapper." I stopped for 2 seconds and they never looked up...from their text messaging.

So I cut in front of two cars in the drive through and went about my day. As we were ordering, as we were paying, and as we were leaving, that woman continued to text message and leave major gaps in the drive thru line.

I am 100% comfortable with cutting that line.


Carlee said...

you forgot the most important part of the story!

tell them about how comfortable your wife was with your decision...

not 100%, i can assure you.

wilablog said...

Yeah...I was going to leave that part out.

SINEDDIE said...

i agree w/ will 100%.