Sunday, May 13, 2007

Green Thumb

We did a lot a yard work today. We planted Aspidistra elatior (aka Cast Iron, which is grown for its ability to survive neglect and shade), a small cantelope (mainly as an experiment), and a Satsuma tree (planted next to our lime tree). We purchased some Florida Sun Jade (Coleus) and Magilla Perilla (red leaf Beefsteak plant) but have yet to plant those. Did some standards as well: mow, weed, trim and clean the gutters.

It's tough to make progress on the yard with all of the other extracurricular activities we have. However, we are gradually making progress one step at a time.

1 comment:

SINEDDIE said...

...and how many time did you cut your lawn for your parents???
you need to call me and tell me about the game(S) and the travel troubles...punk!

or no new ed mix for you....