Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Data Visualization: World Cup Final Network Diagram

Since I mentioned how cool it would be to do a network analysis of a soccer game here is the sample that was done on the World Cup Final in Germany.

"Produced on July 9th, 2006, the day of FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 final match between Italy and France, this network shows the passes from every player to those three team-mates he passes to most frequently. Strength of arcs displays the number of passes. Size of nodes displays the influence (flowbetweenness) of a player."


Retired said...

that is cool I would definitely like to discuss this with you in depth!

Steve Amoia said...

Eurosport.com used to do something very similar to this. They also have some of the most detailed statistics that one will ever see for soccer. Such as tackling and passing efficiency, the number of passes made, and many individual stats (good passes, bad passes, balls lost, and tackles) that the mainstream media claim is not a part of the sport. Today, for example, Milan had a passing accuracy of 74.8% versus 70.2% for Liverpool.

rc said...

I find the lack of passes between Veira / Zidane / Makelele pretty fascinating.

wilablog said...

retired: anytime. include carlee :-)
steve: do they still do that? I will need to check it out.
rc: nice observation. that is quite odd.

SINEDDIE said...

lost balls??? meaning turn overs or are many players getting divorced?

Steve Amoia said...


Here is a breakdown of the season for Fulham. Sky Sports also has very detailed stats.